Spiritual Coaching

This time on the planet is one of unprecedented suffering, and also one of unprecedented Awakening.


Without a guide, it can be frightening and overwhelming.


As spiritual coaches trained in the lineage of Sri Kaleshwar and Shirdi Baba, we provide clarity and discrimination for your process of spiritual growth. We provide real tools that you will be able to implement to improve your life immediately.

Spiritual Coaching can help you:

bullet  Develop a personal meditation process

bullet  Grow Divine qualities in your life

bullet  Clear spiritual blocks

bullet  Connect with Divine Souls to receive their energy and support

bullet  Have a stronger connection to your inner guidance and clarity

bullet  Grow your capacity to be of service to others

bullet  Anchor your happiness and be an instrument for others to do the same

bullet  Understand the inner mechanisms of the soul

bullet  Heal yourself

bullet  Raise your own awareness and consciousness

bullet  Awaken


Symbol of strength and energy

“You need to know what you’re doing and somebody really needs to guide you until you reach your destiny. If there is no guidance, you are lost. That is the major problem happening right now in spirituality…You just need guidance.”
~ Sri Kaleshwar

Many of us want but do not know how to have a more personal relationship with Divine energy in our daily lives. We can help you find your personal path to connection with Divinity in a way that is authentic for you.

Every soul born into a human body has a right to an unmediated personal relationship with that energy. Everyone has the ability to become “God-connected”, and to experience God’s love and power flowing through their lives. If you bring us a sincere desire to deepen your personal channel to divine energy, along with an open heart, we can guide you to this place.

The knowledge we have to share as spiritual coaches comes directly from the ancient palm leaves. It is the very same knowledge that the great saints and avatars have practiced for millennia, but curated by Sri Kaleshwar for westerners at this time on the planet.

jess ganesh

 Between the two of us we have almost three decades of experience studying and practicing this knowledge. We teach and share from a place of deep personal engagement and commitment. Following the roadmap laid out by Sri Kaleshwar has transformed our lives, and the lives of our families, friends, clients, and students. We know it can transform yours as well.


All Spiritual Coaching sessions are held online.
Coaching sessions are $108.

Currently, both Sivapriya and Shankar are accepting new coaching clients.
To see if we are a good fit, please contact us here.

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