Soul to Soul Healing

Distance and In Person

How Sai Shakti Healing Can Help You

Sai Shakti Healing is effective for a wide range of issues because it functions at the deepest level, the level of the soul.
With these channels we are engaging with Divine Consciousness, which allows for miracles to happen.

bullet  Heal from heartbreak

bullet  Heal and empower women, pregnant mothers, and children

bullet  Support fertility

bullet  Heal from trauma, grief and loss

bullet  Increase happiness, peace, and acceptance

bullet  Bring prosperity and success in business

bullet  Overcome physical illness, especially pain and chronic problems

bullet  Overcome mental illness and emotional suffering

bullet  Release fear, addictions, depression, and anxiety

bullet  Get unstuck in your spiritual life

bullet  Enhance your personal meditation practice

bullet  Prepare someone to leave the body peacefully

bullet  Protect from black magic and negativity

What is Sai Shakti Healing?

Sai Shakti Healing is the name given to a collection of energy techniques that bring about healing at the level of the soul. Until recently, these techniques were hidden in ancient palm leaf manuscripts in India and practiced by only a small number of saints.

Since 1997 they have been made available to us in the west through the grace of the modern day saint Sri Kaleshwar. Sri Kaleshwar knew that we are living in the darkest of times, and wanted anyone whose heart was open to be able to receive healing that would uplift their lives, relieve suffering of all kinds, and lead to Enlightenment.

He envisioned a world where every city had a “soul hospital” where people could go for this kind of deep and lasting soul level healing.

Sai Shakti Healing involves a transmission of divine energy from one soul to another known as Shaktipat. This transmission can be given on the body through touch, in person without physical contact (by sending energy through the eyes), or from a distance.

When given directly on the body the healer will transmit energy through different “Energy Treasure Spots”, also known as chakras, the most common of which is the forehead or “third eye” area.  The healer uses mantra (sacred sounds, or vibrations) and yantra (sacred images) to access high divine cosmic energy, and transfers that energy to your soul to bless whatever in your life needs healing most.

Sai Shakti Healing is a powerful tool of self-healing. A Sai Shakti healer knows certain formulas which help the client access their own soul’s limitless energy and healing capacity. Sai Shakti Healing enlivens the spark of your soul so it will heal and transform whatever challenges you are facing.


To benefit from Sai Shakti healing you do not need to follow any special tradition or belief system, you only need an open heart to the energy and to the person helping you.

This philosophy is about making a channel and connecting from inside the form to the formless so that we can receive that blessing energy, and that energy can work inside our lives to create new karmic experiences.



What kinds of Healings are available?


Distance Healings

The most common distance healing is a Fire Healing. Fire is the most powerful of all the elements for sending healing and has been the element of choice for saints working on behalf of the creation throughout the ages.

Distance Healings can be sent anywhere in the world.



In Person Healings

I offer in-person appointments at Four Flames Healing Center in Asheville, NC.

In-person sessions allow for transmissions of Divine energy to various Energy Treasure Spots, or chakras, on the body. 

In-person sessions include blessed ash and blessed lotus petals for you to take home, and guidance for self-healing that you can continue at home to grow the seeds of Divine energy that are transmitted. 


Yantra Healing

Yantras are diagrams of sacred energy structures that pull high divine energy. They uplift and purify the vibrations of wherever they are hung.

Every yantra healing includes a hand-carved yantra on copper in a beautiful frame, blessed for you during a Fire Puja ceremony.


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