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Awaken Now With the Ancient Masters

The darkness of these times can be overwhelming.

Yet a light even more compelling than that darkness is also emerging in so many lives.

bullet Do you have a desire to find and to grow that light in your own life?

bullet Do you want to create more happiness, truth, fulfillment, and freedom?

bullet Do you want to help others?

bullet Do you want to become God-connected in the most personal way?

Not only are these things not too much to ask, they are your birthright. The formulas for how to access the Truth you are already carrying have been given to us by great saints such as Shirdi Sai Baba, Sri Kaleshwar, Jesus, Mary, Ramakrishna Paramahamasa, Ramana Maharshi, and more. As a teacher in this lineage, I am here to help you heal and transform at the level of the soul. By the grace of the Ancient Masters the knowledge of liberation is available to each one of us that reaches for it.

“My mission and my aim is to bring a new kind of spirituality that creates happiness in every person’s heart, to change the world’s belief system and the way spirituality is practiced in the world, to make your life a divine message to this planet and to create spiritual masters, not students.”

— Sri Kaleshwar


Soul to Soul Healing

Receive distance or in-person Soul level healing transmissions.

Spiritual Coaching

Accelerate your Spiritual journey with one-on-one coaching sessions.

Online Courses

Learn meditation and self-healing practices from the Ancient Knowledge.

At the feet of an avadhut book


With Jessica Sivapriya Godino as co-author!

At the Feet of an Avadhut: Life Lessons Learned Serving Sri Kaleshwar

by Terry ‘Sundaram’ Clark (Author), Jessica Sivapriya Godino (Author)


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