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Five Elements Mantra Meditation

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Beginning October 22, 2022

The Five Elements Process is a system of mantra meditation shared with the world by Sri Kaleshwar. This comprehensive meditation practice connects an individual’s consciousness and energy chakras directly with God’s cosmic energy contained in each of the Five Element Channels. This course will teach you how to access the divine power hidden in the nature around and inside you through practicing these sacred formulas. Implementing these powerful vibrational mantras and spiritual formulas will set you on a magical journey of self-healing and self-awakening. This process charges your soul with pure cosmic energy, while purifying your mind and heart. Your life automatically aligns with nature’s elements, and your personal relationship with Divinity grows. Practicing these meditations changes your soul’s relationship with the creation forever.

For anyone already working in the healing arts, this course will give you new tools to take care of yourself when working with the suffering of others. The healing vibrations and techniques utilizing the Five Elements Channels will augment any kind of divine healing practice and modality.

Short introduction from Sivapriya.

2022 Satsang Dates

October 22
November 5
November 12
November 19
December 3
December 10
December 17

(No class the November 25th for Thanksgiving weekend)


The Maha Negativity Prayer

Divine Mother’s Blessing for Protection from Any Kind of Negativity

Over the Gurupurnima 1999 program, Sri Kaleshwar gave fundamental teachings on the ways that negative and positive energy flow in the creation.

This class will cover the mechanisms of negativity and karma, how it affects us as healers and how it affects the lives of the people we want to help.

During this program, he shared a technique to handle negativity that came directly from the Divine Mother Herself: The Maha Negativity Prayer. This special mantra can be used for healing ourselves, healing others, creating protection strings, providing emergency relief in serious situations, protecting babies and young children, and more. It is one of the diamonds of the Ancient Knowledge that can really help each of us succeed in these challenging times.

This class is for everyone who wants to deepen their relationship with the Ancient Knowledge through personal experience. You will be able to implement this prayer into your life immediately, and use it to deepen your own practices of meditation and healing.

Best of all,this prayer can be freely shared with clients, family, and friends, so you can help first yourself, and then others with these practices.

Short introduction from Sivapriya.

Though I knew this mantra and had used it before, Sivapriya took my understanding to a new depth. The mantra has become the tool I reach for to handle my own mind’s negativity. It helped me see how many times each day my thoughts were negative, and gave me a way to offer each negative thought to Baba and Swami and ask for help in washing it out.

~ Coral Tejovati Nunnery


Ma’s Medicine

In this class we develop our relationship with Nature as Teacher through learning about herbal medicine.

This class covers identification of many common edible and medicinal wild plants, wildcrafting techniques, medicine making, and herbal safety. We explore many herbs in depth, including Echinacea, Elderberry, Ashwaganda, Nettles, Plantain and many more.

You will complete this course with everything you need to start making and using your own herbal medicines.

This class is for everyone who wants to deepen their relationship with the Nature around them and to learn to use herbs for healing.

If you have always wanted to learn about herbal medicine, or want to develop your confidence as an herbalist, this class will give you what you need. More than anything this course  is meant to encourage a personal experience between you and Mother Nature.

Join us in the wonder and delight of the discovery of the treasures that are under our feet!

Ma’s Medicine continues to bless and bless and bless.  I have shared much of it with many people, and they are all very grateful too. This class has been a huge blessing in my life.  I cannot say enough how privileged I feel to have shared in this fellowship and instruction. The material we are receiving is astonishing to me, I had no idea that herbals are extraordinary medicine!


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