“So we need God’s grace, God’s love, God’s blessing. We don’t need to be hungry to find Him. He is in us. In us, means the five elements which we are purifying and charging in us. The God energy means the energy of the five elements. Five Elements are power.

Power is nothing but the five elements. It doesn’t belong to any religion, any tradition. It’s the tradition of the five elements. True, true, true love. When your body is completely filled with the vibrations of the five elements, then automatically your mind and your thoughts, your heart and your soul, start to open like a bud of a flower.”

–Sri Kaleshwar

Each of us has already directly experienced divine energy coming into our lives through the elements.

When we sit  around a campfire mesmerized by the swaying flames, float in a lake and feel the deepest peace, crest a ridge to come upon a long view of the sky, or hold a favorite rock for comfort; all of these experiences are examples of our souls being touched through the elements.

For most of us, these moments are transitory, and while we enjoy them, we don’t fully understand what is happening or how to regenerate those positive feelings. But to connect to the cosmic energy through the elements is our birthright as souls in human bodies.

Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012), a saint from India, shared special formulas that allow us to open our own connection to each of the elements, and directly receive the supernatural cosmic energy from the Nature. These formulas from the ancient palm leaf knowledge of India are thousands of years old, and have been mostly kept secret until now.

Sri Kaleshwar received permission from the court of Divine Souls taking care of this planet to share the palm leaf knowledge with others, allowing anyone to open their own channels and have a direct relationship with the God energy through the Elements.

Sri Kaleshwar created the Five Elements Mantra system of meditation, which involves repeating a mantra (a vibrational sound formula) or a series of mantras for each element.

By using these formulas, we open our own divine channels and begin to have direct experiences with supernatural energy. Accessing this cosmic energy changes our soul’s relationship with the creation forever.

Once our Divine channels begin to open and we access cosmic energy through the elements, we can use this energy to heal ourselves and then to heal others. We are then able to learn how to communicate with Divine souls, angels, and even the Divine Mother herself. Our God-connection strengthens in a way that is deeply personal and experiential. As we develop connections to the sacred we can then, share those vibrations with the world. And as Sri Kaleshwar said, we can find the energy of God within us that allows our minds, hearts and souls to open like the bud of a flower.

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