“It’s not my knowledge. It’s the knowledge of the supernatural saints. These are the kinds of formulas we have: knowledge from 3,000 years back. This is the first time it’s being brought out. It’s completely the first time. Now it can be used. My mission, my ambition, is to grow the knowledge fast. I am giving formulas of the supernatural energies. They are a shortcut to get Divine Grace in a short time. I want to spread this knowledge. Then everybody can smell the fragrance of God.”

–Sri Kaleshwar

Palm Leaf Knowledge

Everything that we teach and practice as spiritual healers and coaches comes from a lineage. Our tradition transmits a codified system of knowledge shared with the world by Sri Kaleshwar. This knowledge was given millions of years ago by Mother Divine to the seven original sages, the saptarishis. The Divine Mother shared the secrets of the miracle energy and the direct methods to reach Her. The knowledge was passed down orally from master to student and written on palm leaves to preserve it.

This information has been held secret in India for millennia, passing only from a few masters to one or two students. But now, thanks to the hard work and determination of our teacher Sri Kaleshwar, this complete system of enlightenment is available to all.

Sharing the knowledge of the palm leaf teachings with the western world is part of Sri Kaleshwar’s unique contribution to the Ancient Mission of the saints.

This Mission envisions creating a living lineage of spiritual masters and returning the primacy of the divine feminine to spirituality in order to create an age of Enlightenment. It is a continuation of Jesus’ life and work two thousand years ago.

Sri Kaleshwar

Sri Kaleshwar

Jesus and the ancient rishis were soul scientists who practiced the technology of receiving supernatural energy into their souls. Their research revealed how to implement the soul’s energy for the benefit of the world.

This knowledge invites us to join them in the ongoing research into all things related to the soul.


So, what teachings do the Divine Mother’s palm leaf manuscripts actually reveal? They illuminate the mysteries of the soul, the mechanics of miracles and healing, developing the soul, tapping into the soul’s infinite knowledge, soul traveling, allowing the soul to become the greatest healer, creating divine children, activating soul nurturing relationships, and numerous ways to achieve direct experiences with the divine.

They hold sacred formulas that, when correctly practiced, awaken the potential hidden within each soul. Most of these formulas involve combining sound vibrations (bija mantras), and form vibrations (sacred geometry yantras) to create new energy channels. When utilizing the high creative energy formulas of mantra + yantra it is possible to receive divine grace in a short time.

The Divine Mother’s Palm Leaf Knowledge reveals how to:

bullet Awaken a woman’s divine power
bullet Permanently open a channel to the cosmic energy
bullet Experience trance meditation easily
bullet Develop healing abilities
bullet Overcome unworthiness, anger, jealousy, anxiety, depression, self-doubt
bullet Create, discover, and nurture soul mate relationships
bullet Conceive and raise peaceful, happy, and capable children
bullet Release heartbreak, depression, and negative relationships
bullet Heal abuse, abandonment, and childhood wounds
bullet Experience true happiness
bullet Balance sexual energy and use this energy in a positive way
bullet Develop clarity of consciousness and high creativity in your chosen field
bullet Communicate with angels
bullet Develop your ability to soul travel
bullet Create protection circles around you.
bullet Bring relief from negative energies and black magic
bullet Receive the power and wisdom to recognize and fulfill your life’s purpose

palm leaf

Through the ancient knowledge any soul can become a powerful channel of the cosmic energy to help themselves and others.

The teachings and practices of the palm leaf knowledge lead to fulfillment of the soul. It is the path the Divine Mother left for us to become vessels of her love and power, and to create a new age of Enlightenment and divinity together.


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