A short video by Shankar sharing the meaning of Navaratri followed by Sri Kaleshwar’s Prayer to the Divine Mother of Many Names.

Prayer to the Divine Mother of Many Names

I experience and enjoy everything through your grace.
You have given a wonderful presence to my life.
I see your bliss in every moment.
I thank you for everything you have given me.
I want to see you! I want to enjoy your bliss very deeply.
I want to smell your scent.
I want to understand your greatness.
I know you are the creator of the universe.
There is nothing except you on this planet.
Whatever moves, in its own time, all is your energy.
I know this is your creation.
Please, please, let me see you.
I don’t know in which form you live.
I don’t know what face you are wearing.
Please show yourself to me.
My truest yearning is to see you.
to speak to you,
to enjoy your energy.

~ Sri Kaleshwar


Kanaka Durga


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